Our Business

Our business is built on long term relationships at retail, head offices and distributor levels. To date we have not only functioned at the retail level by providing in-store service, we have also been involved with our manufacturers in strategic planning and presentations with our customers’ head office buyers both regionally and nationally.

We highly value the mature relationships we have developed in this business with our factories and our customers both on a business and personal level. This and our reputation is the foundation of our success.  We are looking for a long term growth line that will allow us to develop our distributor business in the west.

Below are some functions as representatives that create value with the companies and customers we currently represent:

Benefits to the Customer

  • Front line contact and service
  • Stable relationship with someone who knows the total corporate culture
  • Long-term commitment to the territory
  • Serves the customer as a multifaceted resource
  • More efficient sales calls—cover several products in a single meeting
  • Consultative selling
  • Bridges the communications gap among departments and the factories we represent
  • Advocacy, ability to secure exceptions to supplier policy
  • Help in order strategy, through distribution or direct
  • Perspective on market conditions and trends
  • Solutions approach—looking at the forest not the trees

Benefits to the Factory

  • Front line contact and service
  • Predictable sales costs that go up and down with sales
  • Standardized sales costs
  • Lower sales costs
  • Immediate market access
  • Broader market penetration
  • More experienced sales force
  • Wider, deeper coverage
  • Stronger local relationships
  • Reduced sales force turnover
  • Training required only on their product
  • Closer-to-the customer forecasting
  • Better market intelligence
  • Increased sales
  • Knowledgeable advice and information – tell it like it is!
  • Risk-free exploration of new market niches
  • Problem-solving approach outperforms product selling
  • Vested partner in manufacturer’s success
  • Identify problems/suggest solutions
  • Create demand
  • Train and educate dealer account personnel
  • Close orders
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Analyze competitive solutions
  • Deal with exceptions
  • Regular account status communications via iPad, iPhone and laptop